Pokémon Go Hacks For When You Are Lazy


You are probably one of those die-hard fans of the new virtual reality game, Pokémon Go. The game claims to be a health booster as it makes you walk to find the little pocket monsters in your neighbourhood. But on days when you’re feeling under the hood or are plain lazy, you can simply make use of pokemon go hack for android that let you fake your movement. So you can now sit back and sip on your soup while you get those miles done.

Level Up Quick With Pokémon Go Hacks 

Well who doesn’t like to be the best when it comes to gaming. That’s the whole point right? Fans of the Pokémon Go game are no exception to this. But the game requires you to physically walk around before you can level up and beat your friends. This can be a bummer especially when you don’t want to wait. For reasons like these, programmers have developed Pokémon Go hacks that can help you earn those miles without even moving a muscle.